Corn Ripper

If you love corn, as we all do, then you’ll need this tool in your kitchen! There’s no better & efficient way of zipping corn kernels. Besides that, it’s safer than a knife!

Grilled Cheese Toaster Bag

No matter if you’re thinking of using a toaster, oven or microwave, the toaster bags are your favorite accessory when it comes to getting that delicious taste of cooked cheese

Mini Pie Maker

We love pies, especially for holidays. It’s the ideal gift that you could get for a loved one, it’ll help you connect better with him or her through some delicious cookies

Shredder Claws

Holidays are meant for big tables full of delicious food and one of the challenges is to cut that big piece of meat! Worry no more, because we’ve got the shredder claws for you.

Hanging Beer Strips

An ideal gift for your favorite drinking buddies! Everyone would love these tiny magnetic things.

Pineapple Slicer

1-2-3 It’s sliced! Your holiday pineapples will be sliced in just a few seconds using this unique tool.

Cookbook Stand

It is built with one of the highest quality bamboos. It will help you in getting those recipes in the right place, especially now during holidays where we cook more delicious treats, and we can’t miss any ingredient!

Oven Rack Puller

Get yourself a high-quality oven rack, made of one of the best materials regarding wood that will give you a high-temperature resistance. Besides that, it’s cute and fun to have in the kitchen

Automatic Pot Stirrer

Set & Forget, that’s the name of the game. With this excellent tool, you’ll be able to leave the kitchen for a few minutes without worrying that everything would mess up!

Fruit Keg Tapper

It’s one of the most highly desired items for everyone’s kitchen table. Impress your family with this unique tool that will help you in getting that juice out easily

Cooking Guide Apron

A cooking apron a day keeps the stress away! For this holiday, make yourself a cool gift like this one, it will help you to feel better about yourself while you’re in the kitchen.

4-Cup Fat Separator

Quickly separate the bad fat from the healthy food with this specially made device. Best part? It’s easy to clean

Snow Cone Maker

With one of the most high-quality blades on the market, this device will shave your ice into fluffy snow-ice. Also comes with unique snow cone kits

Adjustable Rolling Pin
Your dough will be flattened using this unique tool! Start baking in a uniform way

Silicone Bread Maker

Use it for your quiche, bread, pot pies or anything you could think of! Let’s start the holiday season properly!

Cake Pop Maker

Cakes are everyone’s favorite during the holidays, so why not get a tool that will help you in getting things done faster in the kitchen?

Sushi Kit

With these eco-friendly and natural sushi kit, you’ll be able to enjoy a new tasting food recipe from the comfort of your home while enjoying holidays with your loved ones.

Thanksgiving Bottle Stopper

Do you love wine? Stop feeling frustrated about the wine that gets spilled while pouring; we’ve found a solution -> The Thanksgiving Bottle Stopper.

Electric Corkscrew

One glass of wine per day keeps the stress away! Get this electric corkscrew to simplify your duty and focus on what you love the most!

Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl

Never feel alone again, with our advanced ramen bowl that lets you talk with your friends while you eat your favorite dish.

Deep Fryer

Fried kitchen sounds awesome for these holidays, so why not make it at home with ease?

Air Fryer

Do you want to cook healthier using just hot air? Start having total control over your food and automate your meals with set programs

Turkey Fryer

What’s everyone’s favorite during the holidays? If you guessed Turkey, then the answer would be yes! So, why not fry it faster with no more worries? Get the turkey fryer.

Caramel and Apple Candy Maker

Easy to use & easy to clean, these candy makers would save you a lot of time while cooking!

Marble Mortar and Pestle

No matter how big your family is, a mortar and pestle are always good to have, especially for holidays when you’ll be cooking A LOT.

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Holidays are coming, and so does ice cream! Get that tasty ice cream in your sandwiches with this brand new machine. Seriously, it’s a kitchen-game-changer

S’Mores Maker

Perfect marshmallows for your holidays! No matter if you’re looking for Graham, chocolate or marshmallows

Garlic Peeler

There’s no Christmas meal without the garlic! Forgot about the pain of peeling each one and get yourself the newest gadget!

Vegetable Spiralizer

No matter if you’re vegetarian or you’re just looking to add an extra layer of fresh vegetables, the spiralizer is everything you need

Electric Carving Knife

It’s the perfect accessory for holidays! You’ll slice your meats such as turkey, chicken, ham, and steak in no time using this marvelous tool

Edible Spoon Maker

No matter what you’re cooking, you’ll need this spoon to level up your cooking skills! It’s a game changer especially when you have to measure every ingredient!

Frozen Dessert Maker

Eliminate everything that’s unhealthy such as sugars, fats, and sweeteners using a bulletproof dessert maker that will help you look & feel better while giving you delicious treats

Turkey Timer

Did you ever forget the turkey in the oven? Not anymore! We’re saving your holidays with the turkey timer!

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